As Albert Einstein said, “All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development”, and this is precisely the case of genetics and molecular biology applied to medicine.

The new technologies, always more sensitive and advanced, allowed the achievement of unimaginable results.

With the opening of the new division OncoNextTM, and in particular with the launch of OncoNext LiquidTMGenoma Group not only will raise the chance of curing oncologic patients, but will offer the possibility of an early diagnosis to all high risk people.

We are glad to be part of this new technological and scientific era because progress brings the prospect of a better future.


The executive director and Genoma Group CEO

Francesco Fiorentino



highly specialized diagnostic centre of national and international relevance, recognised for its contribution to the molecular diagnostic progress.

Founded in 1997, Genoma Group works as reference point for genetic, cytogenetics and molecular analysis of high specialization. Genoma Groupis considered one of the most innovative European centre of molecular diagnostic, and has two main headquartersofhigh technical and scientific coefficient, in Rome and Milan.

Genoma Group’s activity extends to the whole national and international territory (Europe, USA and Middle East), providing specialized diagnostic support for public and private health facilities.

With a list of more than 1.500 genetic tests, distributed in more than 20 application areas, Genoma Group is able to satisfy always more specialized demands in molecular and cytogenetics diagnostic field, providing its clients a rapid, precise, effective and high-specialized service.

Genoma Group is the leading Italian company in the field of genetic and molecular diagnostics:great patrimony of technologies and human resources, a model of quality and competences, areference point for multiple national and international health facilities, both public and private.


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    The story of Genoma Group
    Since 1997, the many achievements testify the growing quality and competence of Genoma Group, which aim for the service and diagnostic excellence, with a great push towards scientific research and technologic innovation.

    Genoma Group, following years of research and detailed study, launches in Italy the first line of genetics and molecular biology tests entirely dedicated to the oncology world. The oncologic division Onconext, is intended to be market leader in Italy,and Genoma Group undisputed reference point for numerous public and private facilities.
    Genoma Group launches the first non-invasive prenatal test able to detect aneuploidies and segmental structural abnormalities on all chromosomes of fetal karyotype. PrenatalSafe KaryoTM test reach a number of requests that in a few months makes it the most recommended test by professionals in Italy. The innovation of being able to perform an analysis of the entire fetal karyotype with a basic peripheral blood sample, allows PrenatalSafe KaryoTM  to be the first test in Italy with results comparable to the study of traditional and molecular karyotype, while eliminating abortion risks tied to invasive procedures.
    GENOMA creates a Management Center and a Genetic and Molecular Biology Laboratory in Milan. Located in the Affori Centre district, within a modern high-tech facility, new Genoma Group laboratories develop on a surface of over 1500 square meters, and are characterized by instrumental equipment and high technologies, as well as elevated qualitative standards. The purpose of the Milan office is to ensure a better support of our clientele located in the North of Italy, allowing the improvement of the quality of logistics, customer care, and genetic counseling in the specific geographical area, and in particular in Milan and in Lombardy.